Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tweet, tweet

I've joined the world of Twitter, after my husband advised I need to keep up with technology and the social media.
So here it is... (I hope)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Nook Market - new 2012 prices

2012 is here! Roocke Cookies has applied for an annual food licence this year and hoping to be at 4 markets this year including The Nook Market in New Town this weekend, The Collinsvale School market next month, then The Valley Market in both April and October.
After feeling a little disheartened after my last market in Nov 2011, and running at a financial loss, I was ready to throw in the towel on this whole concept.
A few days passed, and I got thinking about how I could have done things better, and I thought I've come this far, I'm going to give it another shot.
So without getting out my son's "Down down, prices are down" cardboard cut out hands from Coles, I have revised the cookie pricing and made it a lot simpler.
Packets of 4 cookies will be $2 and packets of 12 cookies will be $5. Full stop. I won't be doing the gift boxes, mugs, glasses etc at this market. They are now in my cupboard!!
I am hoping these changes will encourage more sales and less giveaways to family and friends at the conclusion of the market. Having said that, I realised I gained just as much pleasure in giving them away, as I did selling them. But I'm fairly sure business doesn't quite work like that!
So it's now Thursday prior to the Sunday market and this is the least organised I have ever been - I have today to buy the ingredients, check my packaging/labelling stocks, then spend all day Friday and Saturday baking and packaging. But it WILL all come together.
So what do you expect this coming Sunday? - Fresh, homemade cookies baked the old fashioned way just like the ones Grandma used to make. I will have the usuals - Chocolate Chip, Afghans, Anzacs etc. 
Hope to see some of my "Facebook regulars" and maybe some new faces too. The Nook Market is held in St James Church, Elizabeth St, New Town opposite Blue Gum service station. The market runs from 10am - 2pm.
Further information on the Nook Market is available through the Roocke Cookies page on Facebook.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Collinsvale Market - Nov 13th 2011

I have been granted my temporary food permit for the upcoming Collinsvale Market, to be held in the School hall on Sunday 13th November between 10am - 2pm.
I will have my assistant, Jake, with me; he'll be 6 weeks old by then.
When I get the chance, I am going to try a new cookie recipe - a combination of oats and white chocolate.
Just for something different at this market I will be trialing different packaging options.   Feedback from the past 2 markets I have done has given me an insight into what people want - and that is variety!
So I plan to combine 3 biscuit types (4 cookies of each) into one larger package of 12 cookies.
I have also purchased some window bags for those who have a particular favourite cookie and want 10 in the same pack.
Another option (more so for gifting), is a rectangular window box - not certain yet on sizes and pricing, but will have 10 boxes on offer at the Collinsvale Market.  
It is a Christmas themed market, however my cookies are best consumed within 7 days.  I would love to do Christmas tins one year - the perfect Kris Kringle gift - maybe there will be another market just around the corner for me!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Collinsvale Market - Nov 13th 2011


Just looking into the possibility of being a Stallholder at the upcoming Collinsvale Market in November.
This will be my 3rd market, and my first market since the birth of our second son, who is now 3 weeks old.
Just wondering if more people will stop at my stall to look at my cookies or our newborn?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Winter 2011

Well it's been a while between cookies, but I am back in Hobart and ready to embrace the market scene again.  Hoping to be a stall holder at the Valley Market in Lenah Valley on Sunday 21st August 2011, so updates shall follow if I am successful.
I would really like to focus on baking cookies for children in the future - having a son with multiple food allergies has changed my cooking style and heightened my awareness about what can be purchased when we're out and about.
All of my cookies are egg free and nut free, although I cannot guarantee that there are no traces of these products especially when using other ingredients like choc chips and cornflakes.
So I hope to introduce one or two new cookies to try at the next market....

The Valley Market - August 2011

The Valley Market, Lenah Valley

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Look Out Melbourne!!!

Well it has only taken me 7 months to settle in to a new pace of life in Melbourne, but I feel like I'm ready to take on the Roocke Cookie venture once again.
I have been researching local markets in Melbourne, and whilst there are masses to choose from, I am faced with the same battles I have encountered previously - public liability insurance, council approval/permits and costs.
The most promising looks to be the Docklands Sunday Market, so I am making initial enquiries this week with the City of Melbourne Council. In the meantime, my husband has suggested it may be an opportune time for his work colleagues to sample some of my products, so it looks as though the apron will come out once again tomorrow afternoon. The gorgeous girls at work organised a custom made "Roocke Cookies - Head Chef" apron upon my departure from the Hobart office. Love it!
Glad to have my enthusiasm back after all these months. Got ideas for Christmas packs etc but will just see how October/November pans out first.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Handmade Market

Day 1 of Handmade Market has been and gone, but if you missed out today, the Handmade Market is on again tomorrow from 10.00am - 3.00pm on the corner of Harrington and Brisbane Sts, Hobart.

The Afghan Cookies proved to be the favourites today, with only 6 packets available tomorrow.
However, there are still plenty of the other varieties.
The Family packs also proved to be the popular choice today - always good to buy in bulk for a little further saving.

Met some other lovely stall holders - Kate from Tree Fern who makes gorgeous jewellery, Leanne who makes the most amazing dolls and the girls from the Bomb Squad, who specialise in an array of bath bombs. I also caught up with Sonia from Sunday's Child who will be featuring her children's clothing and gifts at future Hobart markets.

Today was also a good chance to catch up with friends who popped by to say hello and to have little chats to people who have seen my Blog.

Hope to see you tomorrow. I am at the back of the hall, positioned perfectly opposite The Awesome Bean (coffee stall), so if you get the chance have a wander, a chat to stall holders, then a coffee at the tables set up on the stage (accompanied by a Roocke Cookie of course!!).

Roocke Cookies also have gift bags, so if you are purchasing for a friend/relative/work mates etc, you can pop your cookies into a gift bag for $1 and there you have an instant gift.

Enjoy the rest of your weekends.